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Page Layout Conventions

This site follows a set of conventions for the page layout. Every page on this site has its content surrounded by Tabs at the top, with Bread Crumbs under, and on the left the Shortcuts and Search tabs.

The Shortcuts tab houses the Jump Tool and links to other pages. When a link in the shortcut tab has a icon attached it means that there are other pages below. The icon indicates that the shortcut is current and shows links to other pages existing below.

On long pages you may find a table of contents on the top right corner. This provides shortcuts to subdivisions within the page.

To facilitate printing, certain pages such as resumes will open in a new window that does not follow a standard layout.

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You have several ways to navigate through this site.


The site is divided into four sections that you can reach by selecting the corresponding tabs at the top of each page. The current tab is highlighted. Links to all sub pages existing under a tab are listed in the Shortcuts tab in the top left corner of the page.

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Bread Crumbs

Below the navigation tabs you have "bread crumbs". These links help you to keep track on where the current page is located on the site. You can go back up in the site tree by clicking on the different links.

TIP: Our "bread crumbs" are not keeping track of your navigation history. If you want to go back to previous location, use the "Back" button from your browser.

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You can identify links as they are in red or in orange bold face that, in many browsers, will turn into blue underlined text when the mouse is placed directly over it. Red links are connecting you within ByYourSite's network. Orange links send you to pages outside of ByYourSite's network and will load into a new window.

To facilitate printing, certain pages such as resumes will open in a new window that does not follow a standard layout.

NOTE: If you click on a link and nothing seems to happen make sure that the page didn't load in a browser window that is already opened but is hidden behind your current window. To avoid this confusion, it is good practice to close the new window when you are done viewing its content and that you wish to come back to ByYourSite's web site.

TIP: If you are using Internet Explorer you can open any link in a new window by holding the shift key when clicking on the link. In Netscape you can have the same effect by clicking with the mouse right button and select "Open in new window" in the pop-up menu.

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There are two tools on each standard page: the search tool and the jump tool.

Search Tool

The search tool allows you to search for key words in ByYourSite, the entire web and other sites as well as word definition using various dictionaries.

To perform a search, type your key word(s) into the "Look for" text box, select the location you want to search using the "In" drop down menue and click on the "go" button. The search results will load into a new window.

You need to have JavaScript enabled on your browser to use this feature.

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Jump tool

If you know exactly where you want to go into the site, you can use the "Jump" tool on the shortcut tab on the top left corner of each page. Entries in this drop down menu are organized according to the site map.

To Jump just select the location you wish to go to.

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