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Our Mission

To help you by providing the best personalized services in the development of quality and useful web applications.

To help you

ByYourSite will help you reduce your operating costs. Through our one-on-one contact, we will help you develop your Intranet, Extranet, or Internet to increase the efficiency of your communication efforts with your customers, partners, employees and constituency.

To build a community

To better acheive our mission we want to build a community through a partnership program that is made up of trustwothy talented individuals who can provid you with a one-point total-service solution.

Each partner abides by the same quality standards and adhere to the same principles. Click here to see the ByYourSite Partner's Charter.

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Side note

ByYourSite wants to give back to the community by using its expertise and promote a better way of living.

We are in the process of developing free galleries to help artists promote their name and work via the web.

We are open to suggestions for useful web-based applications that we could freely develop for the community. If you have an idea please, feel free to contact us.


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