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Partnership Charter

This document outlines the terms of the partnership program offered by ByYourSite.



The purpose of the program is two fold, manage workload and extend the spectrum of quality services provided.

Manage partners workload

Through the partnership program overloaded partners can subcontract work to other partners and always stay confident that his/her client will be served with the best services.

Extends partners service capabilities

Through the program partners can offer total web solutions to their customers. The program allows partners to concentrate on their field of expertise and at the same time offer a larger set of services to their clients without running thin.

Program description

The Motto

To provide the best services for helping clients develop their online strategy.

A free service based on good faith

The program is a free service provided by ByYourSite to its clients and partners. The program has no legal bonding per say, but is a moral agreement between partners, and aims at representing a quality of service certification to customers and the partners. All legal bonding between partners should be established before project launches and remain under the responsibility of the parties involved.

Services provided by ByYourSite for its partners

In addition to its commitment to the principles of quality, reciprocity and no predation, ByYourSite provides the following services to its partners:

  • ByYourSite is the program moderator and manager.
  • ByYourSite provides for each partner a web space to describe their skill sets, post their resume and personal information.
  • ByYourSite will soon provide a tool to help partners share projects and workload information.

Being a partner

All partners must adhere to the principles of quality, reciprocity and non predation as described below.

Partners can be any individual or organization that adheres to this charter and that offers services based around web technologies. Partners are ultimately selected by ByYourSite. Partners and customers can ask ByYourSite to add or remove partnership privileges to any other partner. ByYourSite reserves the right to refuse or cancel partnership status with any partner for any reason at any time

Responsibilities and rights

Partners should advertise to other partners their expected rate information and in the space provided by ByYourSite, a description of their skill set and resume(s).

Partners can remove themselves from the program at any time as long as it is not affecting the quality of delivery of a project started under the partnership program.

A partner may conduct a project with other partners without involving ByYourSite. Under the principle of reciprocity it is considered good practice (but not required) to share with other partners current project involvement.

Commitment to quality

Partners are committed to deliver their best quality service to their own customers as well as to their partners' customers. Customers and partners are encouraged to submit testimonies on performance.

To guarantee quality of service, partners are strongly encouraged to outsource to other partners work for which they don't feel they have the required skill set.

Commitment to reciprocity

The commitment to reciprocity entitles:

  • To return favors to other partners.
  • To prioritize referral of other partners over other service providers.
  • Share information, tips and help with partners.
  • Apply rate reciprocity. If a partner hires another partner at one rate for a given service he/she should expect to be hired back at the same rate for a similar service.
Commitment to non predatory behavior

The program is intended to help partners increase their client base and to improve client satisfaction.

To try to take a client away from a partner or to enter in competition on a bid without having the authorization of the other partner, is considered predatory behavior and may result in loss of partnership privileges.

However, it would not be considered predatory behavior if a client decides to go for the service of an alternative partner. This is to naturally enforce quality services and to promote the best quality/cost ratio to customers.

Access to ByYourSite Partner stamp

Partners can display on their documents and on their web site the ByYourSite Partner stamp, provided that:

  • they are active partners
  • the logo provides a link back to ByYourSite's web site
  • the image source for the logo is pulled directly from ByYourSite's web site.


The program is a good faith service provided by ByYourSite. The program represents no legal bonding what so ever with partners, customers or ByYourSite. In no case should ByYourSite be held liable for its partners lack of performance, for its partners contractual breach, or for the information provided through this service.

ByYourSite reserves the right to cancel or change the terms of this program at any time.


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