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Partnership Program

This free program is primarily intended for individuals or other small businesses that wish to better manage their workload and want to be able to offer their clients a broader services spectrum.

For our customers, this program garentees personalised services, competitive bids and greater flexibility in catering to their needs.


Through the partnership program ByYourSite and its partners can offer the following extended list of services:

Services Technologies
  • Corporate Identity
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Design
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Graphic Design (print and web)
  • Information Technology Master Plans
  • Logo Design
  • Needs Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • ColdFusion (CFML)
  • HTML and XML
  • Java
  • JavaServer Pages (JSP)
  • JavaScript
  • Microsoft Access programing
  • Microsoft SQLServer
  • SQL
  • Visual Basic

Click on "What we do" to see the services directly provided by ByYourSite. Come back regularly and see these lists lengthen as new partners join.

Our partners are selected from a pool of quality professionals that must adhere to the same charter. Basically partners agree to exchange services and competences to guarantee to the client and other partners a reliable source of quality services.

For the customer, the involvement of a partner would be transparent as the partner will be a subcontractor on the project. However the client will remain in full control on deciding if the project can involve partners.

We are looking for people having the following expertise:

  • Scripting (VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, Python, ColdFusion...)
  • Programming (Java, C++, C#, COM...)
  • Database design and administration
  • Server administration
  • Internet security
  • Network infrastructure
  • Graphic design
  • System integration
  • Geographic Information Systems

If you want to explore the possibility of becoming a partner please read the program's charter and sign up.


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