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Client List

This is a list of some of ByYourSite's clients. Scroll down the page or click on the client name below to read a brief description of the services we've provided to them.

ByYourSite's Clients
CH2M Hill, Inc. Guava Technologies, Inc.
Eloquent, Inc. Oakland Children's
Hospital Foundation

Eloquent, Inc.

Eloquent     Eloquent develops rich media applications aimed at the product launch market that dramatically improve an organization's ability to deliver accurate and critical information to globally dispersed audiences in a cost-effective and timely manner. The company's flagship product, Eloquent LaunchForce, enables organizations to communicate with employees, partners and customers during product launches.

Eloquent's technology is available in both live and on-demand formats, and is widely used by Fortune 1000 companies to deliver consistent messages to large audiences.

To conduct its business, Eloquent has developed two custom applications, the Enterprise Management System (EMS) using Active Server Pages over SQLServer, and the Collaborative Publishing tool (CoPub) using Java Server Pages on WebLogic over SQLServer.

Services Provided:

On these projects, ByYourSite had to join an existing developement effort, and quickly come up to speed to understand the functionality of a large code base. ByYourSite had to integrate its role with a preexisting team of developers.

For EMS, ByYourSite worked closely with Eloquent to produce new modules. In addition to site-wide edits, we have written the financial modules, rewritten the delivery tracking modules, modified the Work In Progress report, changed the way notes and instructions are handled throughout the application and changed functionalities with CoPub integration pages.

ByYourSite's work on CoPub was limited in making the application Netscape-compatible and was a great introduction to JSP development.

During these projects we worked remotely with team members based in Buffalo (NY), San Mateo (CA), and Piedmont (CA).

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Guava Technologies, Inc.

Go to Guava's web site

    Guava Technologies is a startup venture that introduces the Guava PC™, the first Personal Cytometer system. This new and powerful cell analysis platform provides automated cell counting and viability assays, with the added capabilities for protein expression and apoptosis applications.

The Guava PC™ immediately improves productivity and data quality in laboratories, while reducing overall costs.

Guava Technologies provides a turnkey system that includes the instrument, validated reagents and software on a novel cell analysis platform that ensures both optimal results and ease of use.

Services Provided:

Guava Technologies needed a low budget web site that would introduce the company without giving up to much information to the competition.

This site was to be in interim to another site developed in the context of a global marketing plan. Starting from a layout and design put together by Matt Finnigan of Solranch using QuarkXPress, ByYourSite created Guava Technologies's first web site. As the marketing plan was deployed this page is not anymore visible from its original location.     Guava Technologies - Click to view site.

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Children's Hospital Foundation

Go to the Children's Hospital Founation Web Site     The Children's Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization in charge of fund raising for the Children's Hospital Oakland.

The Children's Hospital Foundation original web site was developed by George Proudfoot. The site introduces the organization and provides an e-commerce section that sells holidays gift cards.

Services Provided:

ByYourSite updated the preexisting holiday gift cards section of the web site by changing the card catalog and some navigation rules.

The challenge for this project was to edit the preexisting code without the assistance of the original author and the knowledge of what were the original tools used for producing the source.

The original site was produced using Macromedia Drumbeat. Drumbeat, is a software that has been phased out in favor of Dreamweaver UltraDev and that had the particularity of being exclusively a WYSIWYG application. Drumbeat was not designed with programmers in mind but rather graphic designers. To create a site with Drumbeat you need to use the graphical interface that produces Drumbeat files. When ready you ask Drumbeat to publish the site into HTML and scripts. The code that it generates is optimized for the application rather than for the developer's comprehension. The lack of comments and the intricacies of the code make edition of the source very challenging.    

Today, ByYourSite is working with the Children's Hospital Foundation and in enhancing the web site.

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CH2M Hill, Inc.


    CH2M Hill, Inc. is one of the country's leading engineering firms. This privately owned company has over 7,000 employees worldwide and defines itself as being "a global project delivery firm".
Services Provided:

ByYourSite continued to support CH2M HILL with the web site for project management (W4PM) and with a financial tool for the firm's Intranet.

Before the creation of ByYourSite, Fabrice Caporal was employed by CH2M HILL's Information Solutions group. During his three years at CH2M HILL he was the lead developer and custodian for the CH2M HILL's W4PM and also developed custom web based applications such as an automatic organization chart/employee information system, a web-based questionnaire generator, document review systems, and web-based GIS applications.

These applications were developed for the CH2M HILL Intranet and for clients such as water utilities, the US military, and public agencies.

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