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ByYourSite's core expertise lies in web-based application development.

Services provided by ByYouSite
Database Design Web Based GIS
Web Application Development Web Site Design

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Database Design

To be able to store and retrieve information is crucial to your success. A well-designed database assures maximum data integrity, storage efficiency, easy reporting, and will allow modifications to adapt to your changing needs.

We understand that databases are the heart of most web applications. The only way to deliver quality web applications is to deliver quality database design.

ByYourSite has experience designing Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) such as the Microsoft SQL Server and other file-based databases such as Microsoft Access.

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Web Application Development

Web Application Development is ByYourSite's core business.

Web applications resolve the shortcomings of a static web site. In a static web site, the content is created once and for all. Each change requires a redesign. That approach is easily implemented and relatively cheap to produce. However, it becomes very cumbersome to use with fast changing information, cannot easily adapt to multiple needs, and cannot contain any logic.

A web application is what adds intelligence and interactivity to your pages. Scripting is what makes your web site's content dynamic and up-to-date. With a web application you can do such things as customize pages for the specific needs of a single user, or you can generate "on the fly" highly significant reports and graphics, or you can create interactivity with your constituency, and so on...

We're talking about applications because to add logic and interactivity we need to write programs (or code) that live on a web server. Today, Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP), Sun's JavaServer Pages (JSP), ColdFusion (CFML), and Perl are among the most popular server scripting technologies.

On top of having their unique functions, web applications can be significant money savers. They can reduce your site's maintenance costs and software licensing costs. With web applications you can reduce production bottlenecks by distributing content publishing responsibilities to end users.

It is highly recommended to design a site with both static content and dynamic components. It is cost effective to design a web site with static content for all the information that remains valid through time and space, and to add dynamic content to sections that require user interactivity, reporting, display of volatile information, and conditional situations.

You can find some examples of web applications developed by ByYourSite in the Samples section of this site.

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Web-based Geographical Information Systems (Web GIS) are specialized web applications that require a unique skill set and specific tools. Web GIS can exist on its own, but it often pulls information from existing GIS applications.

There are several advantages to putting a GIS system on the web: (1) it allows access to the information from a remote location, (2) it can generate significant cost savings as it doesn't require a license purchase for each user, (3) maintenance and upgrade of the data set and applications are centralized in one location.

You can find many examples of web GIS applications on the Autodesk web site (on the MapGuide page select the "Interactive Application" link) or on the ESRI web site.

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Web Site Design

Web site design is the art of making your site an effective communication tool. A well-designed site allows the user to quickly and effectively retrieve or input the information in which he is interested. A good web site design is user-centric and concentrates on removing the barriers between the user and his goals.

Good web site design is necessary to create successful web applications. While the web application concentrates on the mechanics, the design communicates the information. Web site design brings together the look of the site and the data to better sastify the user's needs. The look of the site is composed of all the graphics and page layout tricks that assure good presentation and visual appeal.

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