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The following are testimonies from people that worked both with ByYourSite and with Fabrice Caporal. These recommendation come in no special order.

You can also submit your own testimony about Fabrice Caporal and ByYourSite by clicking here.

"Fabrice worked with us on two of our key Web information systems, one for internal use and one that we expose to our customers. In both cases he did excellent work, including implementing major pieces of new functionality with appropriately small amounts of supervision. It was a pleasure to work with him."

David Glazer
Chief Technical Officer
Eloquent, Inc.
(650) 294-6500

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"Fabrice did an excellent job helping Eloquent implement key technology initiatives. His technology expertise combined with ability to quickly come up to speed on existing codebase were just the qualities we needed. I couldn't have asked for a better match!"

Michael Teper
Application Development Manager
Eloquent, Inc.
(650) 294-6500

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I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful help this morning. I really appreciate your being able to access the web site so quickly to help me to get to our orders. Thank you so much. We are so fortunate to have someone like you working on our team...

Again, Fabrice, thank you for your professionalism and all of your help."

Lilly Krenn
Coordinator, Children's Miracle Network and Corporate Sponsorship
Children's Hospital Oakland
(510) 428-3885 x2983

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A letter to Bill Smart, Vice President, CH2M HILL


I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated the help, know-how and communication skills of Fabrice Caporal.

I have been working very closely with Fabrice on the NavyRAC web sites, more specifically on the search and upload functionality of the document library and database. His technical competence is unquestionable, but what I appreciated most was his ability to "walk me through" some of what I considered to be fairly complex database interactivity processes.

It's one thing to know how something works, but it is quite another to be able to communicate that to someone else. One day for several hours, Fabrice sat down with me via Net Meeting and very logically and coherently stepped me through the various pieces of code involved. He was amazingly patient and knowledgeable. As you may know, I was a university professor for 11 years prior to my coming to CH2M HILL, and I can tell you that Fabrice is natural teacher--and I told him as much.

This was not an isolated incident either. On a conference call, during which all the NavyRAC players were trying to figure out all the variables, templates, and databases that make up these sites, Fabrice was the conduit through which all questions were passed. He fielded questions from all sides, answered every single one, and even stopped what he was working on to stay on the phone when it became clear that we needed to delve into the situation further. Everyone on the call had differing levels of expertise, but Fabrice seemed to understand all the questions/concerns and was able to communicate that to the others. Indeed, it would have been a far different conference call if Fabrice had not been there, and I was very grateful for his presence.

I know that in the rush of business, many of our good works go unheralded, but I wanted to take the time to point these out."

Chris Coates
Global Web Technology Lead
(904) 331-2442

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Extract from a letter of recommendation (Click here to see the original PDF).

"... I have had the pleasure of knowing Fabrice for the past two years, and find him to be an outstanding young man. Fabrice was responsible for developing and implementing a major Web-Based Information Management System for the Navy's Remedial Action Contract. This is a seven year 250 million dollar contract with the U.S. Navy. Fabrice constantly strives for perfection in his professional responsibilities, and I find this to be a huge plus. On all the projects (small and large) that I have worked with Fabrice on, he has always provided timely and excellent service. In addition to his outstanding professional demeanor, he is also very accomplished on the intricacies of programming and implementing Web-Based computer systems and tools..."

Ronald L. Booth, M.Sc.
Information Solution Manager
(770) 604-9182

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"Guava Technologies, Inc. used ByYourSite for web site design services. ByYourSite was effective in designing our web site, responded promptly to our need, and deliver the web site product on time. We were very pleased with ByYourSite services and we highly recommend this company for Web site design."

Philippe Goix
President and Founder
Guava Technologies, Inc.
(650) 552-0700

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